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11/07/2014 23:31

detoxifying the body

When we talk about detoxification, we are referring to a process in which you rest your body, clean and nourish it from inside out. Through this, you are able to remove those toxins from your body and feed it with nutrients that are healthy. Detoxifying can help you lower your risk from developing any health problems and to reach an optimum level of health.

When you feel too stressed out and burnt out and its starts to manifest through physical symptoms like skin problems and also physiological ones like body pain, your body might be asking for some cleaning up. You can search the internet for websites to give tips to drop a few founds like



How Does This Work?

They say that the process of detoxification works because it can address the needs of a single and individual cell, the basic unit of the human life. Detoxification basically means to cleanse the blood. This is when you remove impurities from the blood that is in the liver because that is where toxins are being processed for elimination.

Detoxifying can help one to help the body cleanse naturally by having the organs rest by fasting and to stimulate the liver and other organs to eliminate toxins from the body. This process can also revitalize and refuel the body by consuming healthy nutrients and as a result, there will be an improved blood circulation in the body.



When Should You Detoxify?

It has been suggested that all people should detoxify at least once a year. If you are planning to detoxify, you have to consult your doctor first because there are some conditions where this is not recommended.

They said that there are more toxins around us than ever so the need to detoxify these days are very important. When you start to feel unexplained physical, physiological and even mental symptoms, it’s time for you to detoxify.



Now, Detoxify

There are a lot of different detoxification programs out there that you can use. Choose whatever you think will work best for you. Most of these programs make use of fruit and vegetable juices and water to help the body release toxins. It might also be better if you seek professional advice and guidance when you are planning to detoxify.

When you are already done with the program you chose, you can use these lifestyle practices to help cleanse the body on a daily basis.

●      Drink sufficient amount of water every day, at least eight to ten glasses per day.

●      Include a lot of fiber in your diet. This means you have to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits. Make sure to have broccoli, cabbage, seaweed, radishes, beets and artichokes because these foods are very good for detoxification

●      Take a vitamin C supplement because this will help your body produce glutathione which is a liver compound that can eliminate toxins away.

●      Perform a deep breathing exercise to help oxygen circulate better in your body.

●      Take herbs such as green tea and dandelion root to help clean and protect the liver.

●      Sweating using a sauna can help eliminate body wastes through perspiring.

●      One of the most important things to do when you’re detoxifying is through exercise. You can work out even at the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is search online for sites like that provides you exercise tips.



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