Gear Up – Safety Tips for Playing Baseball

01/12/2015 12:46


Baseball is not really a dangerous sport, it is, as matter of fact, a fun sport game to play that is why a lot of people are so into it. But sports is a really active activity and playing baseball includes use of instruments that can be dangerous if you are not being too careful, instruments such as the balls and bats that you might get hit with.


It is very important to prioritize safety at all times. Children are so fond of playing this sport and it is essential that there is someone who will guide them to have fun but stay safe at the same time. Wearing Of safety gears is very critical in playing sports because they can shield you from bruises.


You have to make sure that when playing, batting helmets should be worn when the player is running the bases, waiting to bat, at bat and even pitchers should wear them. This is to make sure that the players avoid hitting their heads with the ball or bat accidentally. The head part is a very delicate area that is why it should be protected at all times. You should make sure that the helmet fits very well and that it is worn correctly so it won’t bother you while you are playing. The chin strap of the helmet should be fastened and you have to make sure that eye shield or faceguard is in a good condition.


If you are playing as the catcher, make sure to wear a helmet, a facemask and a throat guard. Also a full length chest protector, an athletic supporter with cup, a shin guard and a catcher’s mitch if you are going to catch pitches during the game, in the bullpen or even during the warm ups. The Baseball spikes should be having molded plastic cleats than the ones that is metal because most of the youth leagues do not allow the one with metal cleats.


There are some baseball game leagues that specifies what type of bat the players should be using. Some of the aluminum bats were banned because they hit the batted balls a little too hard. You have to remember to check the policy of the league that you are joining before choosing a bat.


All of the players must wear an athletic supporter but most particularly the pitcher and the infielders should be wearing a protective cup. Rules about which among the players should be wearing cups may differ in each league.


Some of the additional gears that some player may like to wear are, first, the sliding pants which should be worn underneath your baseball pants, the sliding pants will protect the player from getting scrapes and cuts from the game. The batting gloves which will protect the hands so it won’t get sore from all the hitting the player is going to do. The ship and the foot guards are designed to protect the players from the balls that might hit straight down. The players can also wear mouth guards to protect the mouth and the tongue from being accidentally bit in the middle of an intense and exciting game.





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