iPhone Tips And Tricks You Didn’t Know About

03/13/2015 10:19

The iPhone is one of the few devices that have some cool features built into it but what other users didn’t know is that there are some cool tricks and tips that you can do to make your usage of it much easier. It may not be new to some but once you’ve discovered it, you can do a lot of things with your iPhone.






Check out these hidden tips and tricks that every iPhone owner should know about:


iPhone Keyboard Tips

You have been using your iPhone’s keyboard for ages and you may not have known it but you can actually type in some symbols much easier to your messages. Instead of tapping the ‘123’ or ‘ABC’ button to change the alphanumeric inputs, you can try holding some of the buttons down and slide you finger to select the symbols that you want to type. Once you have added your selected symbol/s, the keyboard will just revert back to its original appearance.


Shake to Undo

It may be a bit awkward to do but it surely is a life saver in certain situations. If you have typed a long sentence into the message box and have accidentally deleted it, you can give your phone a bit of a shake to bring up the redo/undo button. Just remember to hold on well onto your iPhone before doing this act.


Go Back on Top by Tapping

If you have scrolled down long enough on your iPhone, it can be tedious to back all the way to the top of the post/list. But to prevent this dilemma, all you have to do is tap at the top of your phone’s screen to bring you back at the beginning. This trick mostly works on almost any iPhone app.


Delete the Last Digit in Your Calculator by Swiping

If you are using the calculator app, then you must not have known a trick that will help you save time and might not have known that it exists. After typing in a long number and want to delete the most recent digit, you can swipe left or right where the calculation appears.


Stop Music with a Timer

This cool trick is recommended for anyone who likes falling asleep while listening to music. The problem with listening to music until you fall asleep is that it will either have the music continue on playing when you wake up or your battery will completely drain off because of it. By using the “Stop Playing” timer, you can select how long the music’s going to keep playing until you actually drift off to sleep.

To set your timer, go to the Clock app and select the timer on the bottom right corner of your screen. Select the duration for your timer and then “Tap when timer ends”. From there, scroll down on the bottom of the menu and choose “Stop Playing”. Click start to begin the timer and then start playing your music. When the time comes to a finish, your music will fade to a stop.


Make Your iPhone Flash Blink When It Receives a Message

If you think that the vibration and sound alone aren’t enough to get your attention whenever you get a message, then there’s another way that you can do it and that is through the light. All you have to is go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down all the way to the ‘Hearing’ section and turn on ‘LED Flash for Alerts’. With this setting on, the flash that is located next to your iPhone’s back camera will blink whenever you receive a notification.


Triple Click Shortcuts

In the accessibility setting, another thing that could come in handy is the Accessibility Shortcut. This can be found when you go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down to the bottom. Tap the ‘Accessibility Shortcut’ and you will see some options. From there, you can activate the Home Button triple click where it can be used to invert your iPhone’s colors for a clear visibility in a low-light setting then zoom-in to tricky-to-see parts of your screen and many more.



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