On the Line of Safety: Ways Stay Safe Online

10/24/2014 08:00

Many parents nowadays are more and more getting aware of the over-all challenge the internet poses to their kids and to the whole family as well. Social media has become a battlecry for more globally responsive people to join the online bandwagon and don’t get left behind.

Many online sites offer general tips which, more or less, are responsive to most people’s needs. We have all become cyber citizens of a connected world. But you must ask yourself the question: how do you and your family stay safe online?

This question leads to some interesting and insightful answers from our online safety experts.

Education is the First Password

Education is the veritable password for you and your kids before you start thinking of trying the online experience. The internet promises great freedom and along with that great freedom, you guessed it, is great responsibility.

Teaching yourself and the children proper internet decorum is a rigorous and boring task. But keep in mind that you are doing this because you MUST. It is more like riding a bike or driving a car for the first time. Everyone knows where the brake is but only a few would really know when and how to use it well. Safety first before anything else and securing your online identity is top priority when it comes to online safety. And how do you do that? By knowing first what to do before actually doing it.

The Anti-Virus

As a responsible internet user, the anti-virus program is a staple and vital tool. Many online programs offering different levels of security are available and you can consult experts or friends in the know what’s the best anti-virus software for you and your family. This will depend on usage, of course. The levels of security range from the freebies which offer you good protection and if your budget can afford it and depending on how you use the internet, priced anti-virus programs may be a viable option.

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” This is a famous quote from Bill Gates and it signifies the fundamental purpose of all internet users to use this technology to raise social consciousness as well as social interaction. Whether you and your family are going online for communicating with your friends and loved ones, putting up and marketing your business or just downloading and uploading your favorite music and games, the first thing you guard online is information.

Online Safety is Information Security

This means that information is the currency on the internet. To avoid your information from being stolen or from being deceived, you and your family must take the precautionary and rigorous measures of not posting contact information unnecessarily. Websites have their own seal of trust which most anti-virus programs can guard for you.

Great Care with E-mails

When you and your family are going online, make sure you have a list of things to search for and do. This strategy will not only maximize your internet time, this will also make you extra careful with distractions while you are online. And there are plenty of distractions online. When it comes to e-mail, you may inquire from experts or people in the know about firewalling and other protective programs which can secure both your files and your mails.

Important Note: Never open an e-mail from an unknown sender!

Regularly Maintain Your Computer Software and Hardware

Experts have discovered that regular maintenance of the computer’s software as well as hardware programs make people learn more quickly and get updated better, particularly with internet topics. Remember, online safety is a family practice. Take advantage of internet usage by using it as bonding time with your friends and loved ones. This will surely help the kids avoid the alienation often associated with the use of the internet.

With these online general tips, you can now click on your favorite search engine icon and see what’s up with the world today.



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