Saving & Spending: Easy Ways to Save Money & Spend Wisely

10/23/2014 12:12

“A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man, because he has both enjoyments.” – Samuel Johnson

For most people, financial well-being is a sort of a balanced act which requires a great sense of timing, coordination and even gut feeling. But there are tested and proven ways on how to save money easily and spend it wisely.


Leisure time is important since it is the period for recharging your batteries. The choice of entertainment is mostly a “want” category for most people. When it comes to leisure, you can save money by choosing entertainment based on quality, which means it must be fun and entertaining, but at the same time informative and educational. Saving money while having fun more than doubles the enjoyment, so start looking for that kind of entertainment which is still free yet long-lasting. A stroll in the community park is both an exercise and enjoyment which is spiritually uplifting. Even reading a good book can be more pleasurable and informative than your DVD collection.


Owning a car means that you already have a monthly budget for it. The best way to save money on your gas guzzler is to watch your mileage and plan your trips wisely. Saving in transportation is a little bit tricky since you still have to have an allowance for those little emergencies or contingencies like going to the hardware store to buy something, to the dentist or to the vet for your pet dog. Remember about the balancing act mentioned before? Make sure you take the extra time and effort to think before turning on the engine. Planning and organizing your trips will go a long way in saving your money.


Let’s face it. The daily grind of a busy day makes you buy things you didn’t have to if you’re not in such a rush like coffee, for instance. Making your own coffee saves you money instead of those daily trips to your favorite food chain. The secret here is if you have to do something in the kitchen, maximize your time and effort by simply multitasking related activities. This means that preparing your own breakfast will also be a money-saving effort on your part, especially if you are also health-conscious. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and saving money by preparing your own certainly doubles its significance.

There are many more categories on which you can easily save money like household energy, banking and insurance, housing and of course, credit cards. The first tip on how to wisely spend the money that you have saved is by planning – set up your own budget. A budget is not only a financial plan. Basically, it is also an assessment of your future needs and wants. It is a general evaluation of your resources and investments whether in the short-term or long-term. Making sure that you have taken the necessary steps to create a budget that will meet your demands is wiser than just playing it by ear or crossing the spending bridge once you get there. This will also create a buffer for those contingencies mentioned a little while ago.

Many people have taken the advantage of doing online research of things and activities they generally need to know like those how-to websites and those offering general tips and guides for everything under the sun.

Avoid the Urge to Shop Impulsively

This, of course, is the number one thing you have to avoid when it comes to money. Many people have already taken the extra precaution of cutting up their cards in order not to get sucked into buying things they really don’t want or need whenever they’re shopping. Remember, spending is both an art and a science. Spending wisely what you have managed to save brings you both the fun and fulfillment you need and want in your life.

If you are not sure on how to spend your money wisely, try to go online and search for sites which help you do so and more. Various websites offer their services on just explaining to people some general tips on knowing and understanding everything they basically have to know, just like saving money and spending it wisely.



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